Jun 02 , 2023

How to Clean Window Air Conditioner?

With the Summer coming, the day is hot and hot. That means air conditioner need to work after the off-season. And if you hope keep cooling inside, the A/C might work overtime.

If you wanna cool air blasting, you need to learn how to keep your air conditioner clean.


Here is how to clean air conditioners.

1, Turn off the Power

It had better to turn off the power before working. And unplug the unit to avoid getting shocked while cleaning.


2, Remove and Clean the Cover

The cover is a plastic or metal grate secured to the very front of your air conditioner. Consult your user manual for specific instructions on how to remove it.

Once the face panel—and possibly the filter—has been removed, spray the panel down with your cleaning solution and clean it off. You can also spray it down with a hose. Set the face panel aside to dry while you clean the rest of the components.


3, Remove and Clean the Filter

Consult user manual on how to remove the filter. Once filter removed, gently vacuum the screen to remove dust and debris with your vacuum's dusting brush. If you detect any odor, run a mixture of baking soda and water over the screen. You can use a spray bottle for this.

Do not put the filter in the dishwasher: It can damage the fine mesh. If your A/C uses a carbon filter it'll be completely destroyed.

Before reinstalling it, set the filter aside and allow it to dry thoroughly, which should take a couple of hours when flipping it over midway.


4, Wipe & Dust

After removing the casing, you'll be greeted by a maze of tubes. The place we want to focus on is towards the front of the unit, called the evaporator.

Your A/C creates condensation, meaning it can be harboring disease, insects, and mold.

Mop up any standing moisture to help prevent mold from developing, then wipe down the tubes and pan. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to help kill microbes.

Dusting the entire interior. This includes the drain pan on the bottom of the unit, the fan and blower in the middle, the evaporator in the front, and the condenser in the back.  If collects too much dust, it can reduce air flow and possibly reduce the lifespan of your device. A quick dust with a fin comb or microfiber cloth will do the trick here.


5, Clean the Coils

Most window air conditioners will have two sets of coils: the evaporator coils in front (inside) and the condenser coils in the back (outside).

Remove dust from the coil by a small soft brush. This dust will consist of whatever particulates populate the inside of your home. Please wear a mask if you’re prone to allergies.

The best cleaning solution is a no-rinse coil cleaner you can buy at your local home improvement store. This spray foams up and then drips into the unit’s drain pan, taking dirt and dust with it. Spray the foam on as evenly as you can, and get it in all the small areas you can’t reach by hand.

Dry with a clean cloth.

To do it on a warm day, so that when you turn the unit back on, the A/C condensation rinses off the coils.


6, Dry Thoroughly

Make sure all parts of the unit are dry.


7, Put Back & Turn On Again

Replace the front cover. Turn the unit back on. The air coming out should smell fresh and clean.



Some Maintenance Tips

Clean your window air conditioner at least once a year, preferably before its first use of the season. And the filter should be cleaned once a month and replaced with a new one every three months.

Check, straighten and replace the component parts regularly.

Remove the air conditioner and store it during the off-season.

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