How to Clean High Windows?

Feb 24 , 2023

How to Clean High Windows?

Do you have high windows that are hard to clean?
Are you worried about standing high risky?
We have the ladder-free solution for cleaning high windows easily and safely.

What is the efficient and safe way to clean high windows?
Use ITTAHO Extendable Window Squeegee.
Extendable squeegees usually have a telescopic pole handle, which means they can be used for both hard-to-reach and easily accessible surfaces.

By using an ITTAHO extendable window cleaning tool on a day that is not too sunny or hot, you can have clean, streak-free windows in no time.

How to clean high windows with ITTAHO Window Cleaner?
Here are the steps if you’re going to use a squeegee for cleaning windows:
Step 1: To Assemble the ITTAHO long handle cleaning tool.

Step 2: Wet the microfiber pads by tap or soap water.
Step 3: Clean your windows. You can start with inside window.
Step 4: Squeegee. Use the rubber strip to remove water from the window from top-to-bottom. Please always clean from top to bottom. Starting from the bottom will leave you with streaky windows by the time you get to the top.
Ultimately, you should dry the squeegee after use.

Besides, you can get an longer pole by adding the middle poles.
Go to clean up! To get light streaming through your windows.


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