How to Clean a Shower in Fast Way?

A shower may be a place to get yourself clean, but it can also be a place for grime to thrive! I would like to tell you that your shower is one of the largest breeding grounds for bacteria and germs in the bathroom. Not only is it a collector of dead skin, dirt and soap residue, but its close proximity to the toilet makes it a magnet for other invisible debris and particles. Would you really feel clean washing yourself in a shower full of bacteria and build-up? 


Here is how to clean a shower properly using the best natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda for a thorough clean from top to bottom.


Step 1, Cluttering

You can remove all accessories and products like bottles, razors from the shower first. Then recycle the empties. And you can put the bottles and shampoo in the sink to remove gunk and grime. It can make the job of shower cleaning easier.


Step 2, Clear the Drain

Pick up the hair before spray can prevent the drain from blocking.


Step 3, Spray Shower with Cleaner

You can spray the entire shower with commercial cleaner or your DIY cleaner which mixed by vinegar, soda and some others. Do not forget the faucets and other fixtures.


Step 4, Wipe & Scrub

You can wipe the tile walls with microfiber first. Then use a tub tile brush or sponge to clean the floor and stubborn stains, hard water build up and mildew. The grout is also important. Scrub the grout lines with special grout brush or used toothbrush to remove build up.


Step 5, Clean Shower Door & Curtain

About shower door cleaning, rinse it with water first, and then coat it with the same natural cleaner. After letting it sit for ten minutes, wipe with a microfiber cloth or sponge. About the curtain, remove and put them in the washing machine. It is safe.


Step 6, Rinse & Dry

After washing, rinse with warm water and dry. Wipe the tile walls, shower door, and faucets with microfiber cloth, dry the floor or door with squeegee.