How to Clean Baseboard?

Even if you clean your floors, furniture and windows, dirty baseboards will make your house look shabby and unloved. The good news is you can learn how to clean baseboards and maintain your baseboards on a regular basis.

It may not be particularly fun, but cleaning baseboards is faster and easier than you'd think.


Some general ways to clean baseboards

Here’s how to do:


1, Vacuum off

Using a vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove dirt and dust. Make sure to clean the crevice like corners. Don’t have a vacuum? Use DIY cleaning tool, you can use the microfiber cloth on a whisk broom. This method is that you may not have to crawl around on your knees very much.


2, Remove Stains

After cleaning dirt and dust, you’re ready to remove stains and buildup. Dip the sponge into the mixture of warm water, liquid dish soap and vinegar. Then scrub away stains and buildup. Make sure wring out sponge thoroughly in case put too much water on the baseboards.  Leaving water might damage the wood. And you can use a tiny groove brush of toothbrush to clean tough grime.


3, Cleaning crevices

Dip your swab in your cleaner, then push and twist it in the corners, the top of the baseboards and the crevice between the bottom of the baseboards and the floor.


4, Use dry sheet for protecting.

You can clean the warm water and cleaner residue by dryer sheet first. And it can keep baseboard dirt-free for as long as possible.


Cleaning your baseboards once every two to three months is sufficient. Tackle one room per week, and you’ll never be stuck with a whole-house baseboard-cleaning project.