How to Clean Bottom of Pans or Pots?

How to clean the bottom of pans is a burning question among people who spend most of their time in the kitchen. Luckily, there are plenty of kitchen cleaning tips out there for reference, like how to clean microwaves and greasy doors! But what about those burnt grease on our pots and pans? While it might seem like all your pans have to throw into the trash bin, you can actually clean stubborn stains from the bottom of pans with baking soda, vinegar, salt, and ketchup, along with some commercial cleaners.


Here’s how to clean the bottom of your pans.

Step 1, Start by mixing some baking soda and vinegar and pouring them on the bottom of pans and pots.

In fact, baking soda and white vinegar are common and efficient materials to clean in household life. If you mixed them, the action will be more potent.

And you can lay paper towels all across the bottom. Let they sit about 10-20 minutest o wait the mixture works.


Step 2, Remove the paper towels and clean them with scrub brush or non-scratch sponge.  Essentially, a scrubber helps to remove the dirt from the surface of the pans.

Rub the stains until you see a better result. Most marks came off and some elbow grease was required to do it.


Step 3, Rinse by clean water & dry thoroughly with a towel.

Rinse the stains and mixture off with clean water. Then dry your pans or pots with a microfiber towel or dryer sheet right now after washing.


Step 4, Place or store your pots and pans in a dry, clean areas.