How to Clean a Deck?

May 05 , 2023

How to Clean a Deck?

A deck is the perfect place to entertain family and friends, so it’s important to keep it. There’s nothing like giving your deck a thorough clean to bring it back to life and with the right tools and equipment, it’s a pretty simple job.


If you want to keep it looking good and performing well.

Follow these steps for a healthy deck.

1, Clear and prepare the area

Take everything off your decking so it’s completely clear and ready for you to clean. From large patio furniture to small potted plants and everything in between.


2, Sweep Dirt & Debris away

To get started, clean the deck with a soft broom or deck brush to remove dirt and leaves. Then use a screwdriver or a putty knife to remove any debris stuck down in the spaces between the boards.


3, Pre-rinse

Spritz the deck with water to soften the dried cellulose fibers. This WAY will also allow for the cleaning solution to be more easily dispersed throughout the deck.

Besides, it can cool the deck, which helps you cleaner working.


4, Choose the Cleaner & Scrub

To avoid damaging your decking, create a gentle cleaning solution with warm water and liquid dish soap. Alternatively, you can use a speciality wood deck cleaner.

Saturate the surface and scrub the deck with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge until the cleaning solution starts to lather. Let mixture stand for 5 to 10 minutes first.


5, Rinse the Deck off

You can then use your garden hose or a pressure washer to rinse the surface of the deck. Try to time your deck cleaning project for nice weather.


6, Reseal

Replace any rotten wood, tap in any popped screws, and tighten any loose fasteners firstly.

Sweep the deck once more to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated while it was drying. Then, apply the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sealers protect your deck by blocking ultra-violet light and helping to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the wood. Sealers also shield the deck from water damage.

Be sure to wear gloves, a safety mask, and eye protection when applying sealer.


Some Tips on Deck Maintaining

Sweep away dirt regularly.

Apply a penetrating sealer once a year.

A couple of hours in the spring, fresh air will do you and your boards good!

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