How to Clean Kitchen Floor?

Jun 08 , 2023

How to Clean Kitchen Floor?

We know that kitchen floors are one of the dirtiest areas in anyone's home.

This high-traffic area comes under pressure from all sorts of sources, including pets, children, guests, and daily family life.

Regular maintenance is a must, but so is an occasional deep clean.

ensure you keep the space gleaming by following our step-by-step guide to cleaning a kitchen floor below. You can keep it CLEAN with our tips.


1st, Sweep or Vacuum the Floor Daily

Debris and small particles left on floors can damage floors. And this way is to get rid of dirt, crumbs and dust. And it will prevent build-up of dust, crumbs, pet hair and dust.


2nd, Preparing Mop

You should DIY your cleaner first, according to your types of kitchen floor.

Mop tile floor with warm water and an all-purpose cleaner.

For hardwood floor, regular dish soap and warm water is perfect.

Water and vinegar solution can be used on laminate floor.

Damp mopping with warm water and a vinyl cleaner is great to clean vinyl floor.


3rd, Mop the Floor

Mop can remove the sticky grease that is caused by meal prepping. Microfibre mops do a great job of cleaning the floor and they are suitable for the most kinds of floors. You can just throw the mop head straight in the washing machine. 

Please start mopping in a corner and work your way out.


4th, Rinse the Floor

After mopping, you can rinse the mop first or use a new mop to clean the floor again to rinse cleaning residue. Please wring it out before mopping.


5th, Air-drying completely

Let the floor air-dry completely. Most will air-dry on their own.


Additional tips: You can clean your kitchen floor at night that people are less likely to be in the kitchen.

No Shoes in your kitchen can reduce the dirt.

If you get into the habit of daily and weekly maintenance, your kitchen will keep in a good condition and you will think that it’s not a chore at all.

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